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Changshu Baode Bridge Component Co., Ltd.

the domestic strength building deformation device supplier.

About the brand of Bade

Changshu Baode Bridge Component Co., Ltd. is located in Changshu City, National Historical and Cultural City, Jiangsu Province. East to Shanghai, south by Suzhou, West nearly Wuxi, Shanghai - Ning Expressway, Sujia - Hangzhou Expressway cross and over, traffic is very convenient. Since its inception, the Company has always attached great importance to the management of modern enterprises and actively promoted the brand strategy. The products produced are strictly according to the industry standard of JTT327 - 2004 Highway Bridge Rubber Expansion Device of the Ministry of Communications of the People's Republic of China, JTT4 - 2004 Rubber Abutment Standard, JT391 - 1999 the organization of production of Basin - Type Standard.

The company product variety, and the specification are complete, the various series model of the basin rubber abutment have the GPZ series, the GPZII type series, KJ.GPZ series, QZ ball abutment series and anti - seismic, energy dissipation basin type rubber abutment series, TPZ railway basin type rubber abutment series, etc.with the good quality and good credit.

At the same time, Changshu Baode Bridge Component Co., Ltd. is a professional design, production and sale of building deformation sewing equipment, floor expansion joint, dust carpet products enterprise, is currently the domestic strength building deformation device supplier.

The construction deformation joint produced by the company takes into account the actual situation of the internal structure gap of the domestic building and absorbs the advanced design concepts and experiences of the foreign countries, and designs a variety of construction transformers with various types and specifications to meet the different needs. The construction deformation joints can be subdivided into floor joints, internal wall joints, ceiling seams, outer wall joints, roof joints, etc. according to the different parts of the building.

The product structure is mainly composed of the continuous extruded Santoprene rubber, and the corresponding water stop or fire band is configured to achieve the function of waterproof or fireproof. The adjustment slot width is 50mm-500mm, and the special requirements can be agreed separately. The joint of the floor expansion joint shall be 5mm-30 mm, wide, and the material is aluminum alloy or stainless steel.

The utility and decoration of the building transformers produced by our company are integrated, and there are a variety of colors for the American AES company thermoplastic rubber (SANTOPRENE), and the surface treatment of the product metal sheet has many options. You can choose the color of the deformation seam according to the color of the wall or floor, so as to achieve the harmony of the building and the effect of decorative beauty.

The company designs a dust-proof carpet for different sizes according to the requirements of the customer.

The company sincerely welcomes the design of the whole country, the project construction unit selects our company products, and the company is willing to provide high-quality service for the construction of the bridge modernization.

We sincerely hope that all national scientific research institutes, institute institutes, colleges and universities can work together to develop new products, meet the needs of modern bridge construction, and the development of bridge construction.

Technology is the first productivity, science and technology is benefit.

Leading the industry means leading the talents.


The law of modern market competition decides that enterprises want to win in competition, and must promote the value of human resources with scientific management mechanism, and expand the priority to infinity. Only to improve the comprehensive quality of the staff can provide the customers with the best quality products and services.


Therefore, the Baode group has always been committed to creating a contingent of connotation, discipline and high quality. The company not only introduces all kinds of talents every year, but also has a training relationship with many famous universities and departments of the whole country, regularly arranges experts, professors to communicate with the employees.


At the same time, to strengthen business learning, the company also pays great attention to the construction of enterprise culture, In particular the introduction of "good faith" construction, the formation of "honesty, integrity, good faith enterprise" business practices.

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