The design parameters of the abutment/classification and code

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    The design parameters of the abutment

    1. The vertical abutment capacity of the bearing is divided into fourteen levels, such as 300kN,500kN,1000kN,1500kN,2000kN,2500kN,3000kN, 4000kN,5000kN, 6000kN,7000kN8000kN,9000kN,10000kN.

    2. The anti-horizontal force of the abutment is 20% of the vertical bearing capacity;

    3. Bearing anti-vertical pulling force

    SJKQZ -type, SJJQZ -type anti-vertical pull force is 20% of vertical bearing pressure;

    4. The design angle is 0~0.08rad (separately designed according to user requirements);

    5. The ring-wise displacement of the support is ± 30mm~± 50mm, and the radial displacement ± 60 mm,~± 100mm;

    6. The sliding friction coefficient μ≤0.03(-25°+60°) ;

    7. The rotational friction coefficient μ=0.050.1 (type-SJKQZ, type-SJJQZ); μ≤0.03 (type-SJKGZ, type-SJJGZ)

    Note: Special model can be designed separately.

    Classification and code of abutment

    1. Classification of the abutment

    The support is divided into SJKQZ -type truss anti-seismic steel ball bearing (ball-type abutment)

    SJJQZ type space truss shock absorbing steel ball support (ball-type abutment)

    SJKGZ anti-seismic for the steel abutment on the grid steel ball

    SJJGZ specification for the steel abutment on grid shock absorption steel ball

    Each type of the abutment is divided into two-way movable type, one-way movable type, fixed type.

    2. The code of the abutment


    Type code Type code
    SX- bi-directional activity SX-Bidirectional Activity
    DX- one-way activity DX-Unidirectional Activity
    GD- fixation GD-Fixed
    Vertical bearing capacity (unit: KN) Vertical Bearing Capacity (Unit: kn)
    Designation of the type of support Type code of the abutment
    SJKQZ type aseismic steel ball bearing SJKQZ grid anti-seismic steel ball support
    SJJQZ type net frame damping steel ball bearing SJJQZ type space truss shock absorbing steel ball support
    SJKGZ type net frame aseismatic steel bearing SJKGZ grid anti-seismic ball-type steel support
    SJJGZ type net frame damping ball type steel bearing SJJGZ grid shock absorbing spherical section steel support


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